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How do I become a reviewer?

We are currently accepting new reviewers. If you are interested please email the following information to

1. What county do you live in?

2. How long have you lived in South Jersey?

3. Have you ever had a review published before?

4. Can you commit to submitting a minimum of 3 reviews a year?

5. How have you been involved in theatre in the past? (Actor, Director, Designer, etc)

Rules & Guidelines

1. You cannot review any production you are involved in. This includes: performing, designing, directing, finically supporting, if you are a member of the board etc. Volunteers cannot review any performance they auditioned for and were not cast in.

2. To become a reviewer you must agree to submit at least 3 reviews per calendar year. Do not request to review a performance of a show you know you already do not enjoy. Our goal is not to critique the playwright, but rather support our community who made this performance come to life.

3. All reviews must be submitted to email within 24 hours of attending the production.

4. Our blog supports theatre participants of all walks of life. Comments regarding performer's body, sexuality, pronouns, race, gender, etc. will not be allowed in any submission as they are not necessary to review the work produced. If pronouns are not specifically mentioned in their bio or you do not know the person personally, it's safest to use they/them pronouns in the review.

5. You agree to uphold the mission statement for the South Jersey Theatre Critics. Any reviews submitted that do not reflect our mission or negatively impact it in any way will be denied publication and reviewer's future participation will be discussed.  Before SJTC posts the review, it will be reviewed by Kristine Bonaventura and if necessary, edits will be requested before posting.

6. If any negative remarks are made on any of SJTC social media, the reviewer agrees to never respond. Rather inform SJTC of the comment and it will be responded to from the group.


7. The position of Reviewer is unpaid, strictly volunteer only. Tickets to performances are complimentary.

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