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Who are we?

South Jersey has such a phenomenally large theatre scene, but not many reviewers out there! We would like to change all of that with a team of honest, theatre loving reviewers to get your work known.

South Jersey Theatre Critics accepts and supports theatre participants from any race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. Our goal is to publish honest and thoughtful reviews of every production regarding performances, direction, technical aspects. 

How do I become a reviewer?

We are currently accepting new reviewers. Check out our "Become a Reviewer" section for rules are guidelines. If you are interested please email the following information to BLANK

1. What county do you live in?

2. How long have you lived in South Jersey?

3. Have you ever had a review published before?

4. Can you commit to submitting a minimum of 3 reviews a year?

5. How have you been involved in theatre in the past? (Actor, Director, Designer, etc)

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